The AI Lab is a high-tech startup that develops intelligent sensor solutions that support an environmental and biodiversity-promoting transition in the industry. We have strong roots in electrical engineering, computer engineering and robotics and have many years of experience in research and innovation. Our solutions are suitable for the next generation of intelligent robots and agricultural implements that sense and act autonomously in the field.
If you want to collaborate on developing the robots and agricultural machinery of tomorrow, do not hesitate to contact us.

Anders Krogh Mortensen

PhD, Co-founder

Computer vision, machine learning, and sensor integration in uncontrolled environments.

Mads Dyrmann

PhD, Co-founder

AI and machine-vision in outdoor environments with focus on agriculture and biodiversity.

Mikkel Fly Kragh

PhD, Co-founder

Machine learning, Computer vision, Deep learning, Data science, Artificial Intelligence

Peter Hviid Christiansen

PhD, Co-founder

Søren Kelstrup Skovsen

PhD, Co-founder

Maden 3
8210 Aarhus V

contact [at]

+45 3117 0017

VAT: DK39858185